Eye Opener

In the beginning of my 20 time experience, I have discovered that my passion was helping others. I knew that I always that this was my passion because I always enjoyed helping others, or just feeling honored for someone to ask you my help personally. The first couple of steps for my 20 time project was very unsuccessful. I had continuously called,and emailed the organization I have decided to help out. Though, I still haven’t given up that I wanted to help a homeless shelter. I still had thoughts about continuing, but I still had likes the fact that I will being help many people in need.
As time passed by, I slowly lost my passion. I started to get second thoughts about was this really my passion, or was it just something that sound good to use for this project. Instead of 20 time being first, others things started to be more important, which shouldn’t happen if it was my passion. When I look back I really wish I had more ambition to complete this project. Though I still like the fact I was going to help a home shelter, I am going to continue this project. Instead it’s going to be on my terms. I’m really considering on doing this type of things in the summer because I have more free time on my hands. I do feel horrible that I abandoned my passion, but it made me realize that maybe that just wasn’t the passion for me.

Finding Where We Belong

My informational will be able to help many people who have the same passion as me because it gets them a start on their career path. I know that it is really hard to start finding jobs that is interesting to you. Useless you had a dream job that you always wanted then it’s going to be hard. Your making a decision on how you want to spend the rest of your life, and if it fits you enough. I know the since we have the same interest or passion they might be interested in being a lawyer like I am. I know if I had the same passion as some one else and they wanted to do a certain job I won’t definitely concerned doing that job.
Its really been a struggle to start since the organization that I needed still hasn’t responded to me. So my plans are to move on, and collect all the clothes I can. Then just donate them to a homesless shelter, hospital, and any place how might want to take them. So my goals are to actually start the collecting, ending at like mid January. I want enough clothes that it can at least fully dress fifty people. I know that I might have to go through many challenges, but that means I have to problem solve when they come. Hopefully I will be able to get through this project successfully.

The Perfect Job?

I know that it takes a lot to be a lawyer but I feel it is perfect for what like to do, and my passion. Be a lawyer is a great opportunity for me to get better will research, and public speaking. Plus, at the same time I would be helping others. Being a lawyer can offer me many opportunities to follow my passion, which is basically help others. A lawyer is some one who help others, defending them for what you think is right. I know I am good at something like this, that why I want to be a lawyer.

Though it’s not easy being a lawyer, you have to go through many steps. Like taking classes about the government, and passing your SAT’s. Not only that you could go to Pre-Law school, and then regular Law school. Though you would need a mentor, and take the LSAT’s. After that you need to be sworn by the Supreme Courts tone an official lawyer. Based off all of this I have a lot of work to do.

More Than Just A Project

Title page

Title page

From this project I learned so many things that old help me in the future. I learned that I shouldn’t procrastinate because my work NEEDS to be on time and ready. To always have a Plan B and C, when my Plan A doesn’t work. And to never give up, and stay positive no matter what. If I was to continue to procrastinate then I wouldn’t get any type of work done. Not only for my English class but for all my classes I plan on taking my high and college years. Which that will not get me far in life. If I always have a Plan B and C then I wouldn’t have to worry about that if my first plan don’t work out. And if I give up then it will defeat the purpose of telling anyone that I will try my best no matter what.
This project helped me because I try getting my work on time so that I staying the right lane. For having a second plan, I experiences that when my first plan didn’t work. And staying positive because this project hasn’t really been going my way so far. This will help me in life and my high school years because I experiencing hardship altogether. And when a problem comes my way I have to figure out what to do next, and have to stay on top of my work but also make sure if doesn’t overload with so much to do at once. Though at they same time a have to learn to have fun and stay positive while in the process. This project basically helps with all the things I will go through most o the time in my life.

Pitch Day Ready

I was really nervous for Pitch Day, I felt unprepared. Enough though I got a good grade for presenting in front of my class, still presenting in front of our principle, and other adults was something that I was afraid of doing. I didn’t know how to get to my comfort zone for this at all. The first person that I presented to was one of our principles, the whole time I was thinking why me, why was I the one to begin with. After I finished the presentation everything else felt easy. The last person I presented to was my guidance counselor, and thank god I only presented twice.

When I presented to her, she looked so interested in my presentation. She said she was very proud of me, and even gave me some tips on how to accomplish my goals. The best part of our conversation was when she said this will look good when I apply for college. Doing something helpful to others in my freshman year of high school would look great. So basically I out of the whole Pitch Day experience, I’m really satisfied with the outcome.

The Struggle

Really this project is so stressful. I am still back on square one, trying to find a new organization. Though, I did talk to my mom and she told me maybe I need to contact them again because their going to want my help for Thanksgiving. It’s hard to do any work because I need an organization, it’s not like I can do this whole project without one. I feel like if I keep this organization, it will help a lot with the project, that’s why I don’t want to choose another one. This organization can help because they are exactly what I was looking for, and more. They already accept donations which is great. Hopefully when I contact them, it will be positive news instead of adding more stress to myself.
Though this 20 time project is quite the experiences with the real world because this will help me to handle stress, and be able to problem solve when something comes in the way. The only reason why this project bothers me so much is because its such a challenge, all my problem solving techniques are not what I want. This is because I like things to be perfect and they are definitely not perfect. Sometimes I wish I had all the answers so things wouldn’t be such a struggle.


I contacted this shelter, and they were perfect. They was exactly what I needed, based on their website they accepted donations, and they even had a list on what they wanted. I thought it will be smart if I filled out their contact us form. Either they didn’t read, or try to reach out on out I asked, or they just didn’t get it. I really disappointing because they was exactly what I wanted in an organization. Plus, since it was really hard to try to find an organization like this one. So now I am hoping that they are just late in responding, and of I just got to find a whole different organization. Instead of just sending out an email, I can also call like two days later. I didn’t do that first because I thought I was giving them time but, now I know I want them to know I would like their help in this project. This is because even though I kind of helping them, they are also helping me because I need an organization to start this project. I know that all types of problems are going to happen, so until then I’ll try my best to do what I can.